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Activ8 SEO is a leading internet marketing firm built to over-deliver for every client we accept. By pioneering new methods, and fine-tuning existing ones, we have found success where others have failed. Here at Activ8 SEO, we pride ourselves on honesty and integrity. In today’s world that can be hard to find, especially when looking for the “right” company to work shoulder to shoulder with. Being transparent, and delivering results, is not only important to our company but it is crucial when building long-standing relationships with our clients. While we don’t guarantee rankings, we excel at delivering substantial value for our clients and promise professional services backed by results.

Jarrod Wayman is the founder of Activ8 SEO. After serving just shy of 12 years in the United States Marine Corps, Jarrod was medically retired for injuries sustained in combat operations. It was then that he discovered search engine optimization and how powerful it truly is. Transitioning into the digital marketing realm was smooth for Jarrod. He found that he was able to leverage the skills he developed in the Marine Corps to help turn small business websites into revenue producing machines.